Sustainable Design

In our changing climate and increasingly resource-constrained world it has become imperative that building design incorporate elements to create more sustainable development and minimise negative impacts on society and the environment.

Building a sustainable home need not mean paying extra for doing the right thing, in fact sustainable design is possible on any budget.

Our Sustainable Design Policy sets out the City’s expectations of the sustainability outcomes to be achieved by home-owners, developers and builders in new building and renovation projects.

Our Sustainable Residential Design Checklist outlines the key considerations that should be discussed with your architect/designer/builder right at the start of your project to ensure that your home is constructed in a sustainable way. By designing in sustainability from the very beginning, you will find that a healthy, comfortable and affordable to run home need not cost more than a standard build. Savings on carbon pollution, waste and precious natural resources will be an added bonus.

Sustainable Design

Sustainable Design Resources

Want to know more? Check out the very informative Your Home website, and its practical and easy-to-understand Technical Manual for a comprehensive guide to sustainable home design.

Sustainable Design Events

We are working hard to promote the principles and benefits of sustainable design to our community, developers and related property industry professionals to ensure the very best environmental, social and financial outcomes for all.

Over recent years our City has hosted various workshops and events to inform, educate, inspire and empower those making design decisions to make the most sustainable choices. To find out about upcoming sustainability events, visit our Environment and Sustainability Programmes & Events page, or even better, stay updated via our Green e-News: Subscribe

Green Building Council of Australia

The City of Vincent is a member of the Green Building Council of Australia (GBCA). The GBCA is a national organisation established to develop a sustainable property industry in Australia and to drive the adoption of green building practices.

The GBCA launched its Green Star environmental rating system for buildings in 2003. Green Star rating tools help the property industry to reduce the environmental impact of buildings, improve occupant health and productivity and achieve real cost savings, while showcasing innovation in sustainable building practices.

The City encourages developers and architects to apply the Green Star Rating System to large commercial and multiple dwelling developments.

Further Information:

Contact the City's Sustainability Officer by phone 9273 6013 or email

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