Frequently Asked Questions

Below are a number of common queries regarding the redevelopment. Updated on 9/01/2013. If you have any other questions, please contact the Manager – Beatty Park Leisure Centre on 9273 6080 (Monday to Friday, during business hours) or

Why is the City redeveloping Beatty Park Leisure Centre?

Having been built in 1962, the Centre is now almost 50 years old. The independent Needs Analysis highlighted the need for a redevelopment of the Beatty Park Leisure Centre to upgrade particular areas of the Centre to contemporary standards and meet community expectations for such facilities.

What is being done during the redevelopment?

See the Scope of Works link below for a list of works.

Will the Centre need to close to the public for the redevelopment?

Certain areas of the Centre will close during the redevelopment. Dates of closure as at 9/01/2013:

Outdoor Pools New 50m Pool Now Open
Indoor Pool and Spa area INDOOR POOL NOW OPEN! - Spa area will open February 2013
East Change-rooms Now open

*Retail swim shop is available online and a selection of items, including goggles and bathers, are located at the temporary reception.

Is any of Beatty Park Reserve being utilised?

No, the finished Centre will not encroach on the Reserve; however there may be times during the redevelopment that areas of the Reserve are used for the storage of test water from the geothermal drilling project.

Who can I contact for more information regarding the redevelopment?

Please contact the Manager – Beatty Park Leisure Centre on 9273 6080 or

Who is the builder?

Perkins Builders
153 Balcatta Road, Balcatta, 6021

Who is the architect?

Peter Hunt Architects
8 Colin Grove, West Perth, 6005

Why are other areas of the facility not being redeveloped?

The redevelopment of Beatty Park Leisure Centre is planned to be conducted over a number of stages with this being the first. Other, lower priority, areas will be addressed during later stages.

How much will the redevelopment cost the City?

$17.065 million dollars (inclusive of the Geothermal Energy System).

How is this being funded?

A combination of City of Vincent reserve funds, State Government grant and loan funds will be utilised to fund the project.
What membership options are curently available?

1, 3 and 12 Month period memberships are now available as well as Direct Debit options.

Is the Swim School affected?

With the outdoor pools now available, swim school has now returned to normal capacity. Information can be obtained regarding swim lessons on 9273 6080 or by emailing Patrons on the swim school database will be contacted regularly with updates on the redevelopment.

What surface will the new pools be coated in?

All pools will be tiled as this will provide the City with a proven, long-term solution.

What accessible improvements are being made in the redevelopment?

All current building legislation in regards to access will be undertaken in the new part of the facility and retrofitted in existing parts of the facility where required. Other notable inclusions:

  • Ramp access to 50m pool
  • New accessible change-rooms
  • Ceiling hoist and adult changetable in one of the new accessible change-rooms
  • Lift access to lower floors in new extension

Will the parking be affected?

Yes, parking will be limited at certain times during the redevelopment. Signs will be put in place during these times and patrons are reminded that if they are parking on surrounding streets to be mindful of local residents and to obey all parking signage.

Will the parking be improved as part of the redevelopment?

The car park will be reconfigured to allow for the expansion of the front of the facility and to improve traffic flow. A plan showing the improved car park layout is available at from the link below.

I live close to the Centre, what impact will the redevelopment have on me?

All relevant building requirements will be adhered to. Residents will be kept informed of any works that may impact on them as the project progresses. Please contact the Manager – Beatty Park Leisure Centre on 9273 6080 or with any enquiries.

What is happening with the grandstand area?

Some waterpoofing works are being undertaken and painting maintenance.

Will the gym remain open?

Yes, the gym will remain open during the redevelopment.

What hours will the gym be open?

The gym will continue to operate the same hours as it is currently unless participation drops dramatically, at which point management will assess the hours and communicate any changes to patrons.

Will the group fitness program and RPM™ program continue to operate?

The group fitness program and RPM ™ will continue to operate as it is currently.

Will the crèche continue to operate?

The crèche will remain operational throughout the redevelopment. Hours of operation may vary if demand for the facility decreases.

Will the prices increase after the redevelopment?

The pricing structure will be put in place at a later date, and will be carefully considered by the Council. Our intention will be to limit the impact of the redevelopment on patrons and ensure that Beatty Park remains both affordable to the community and competitive with other similar facilities.

UPDATE: The prices have returned to pre redevelopment levels now that the indoor pool has re-opened. A slight increase will be required once the redevelopment is complete to catr for the increase in operating costs.

Are there any environmental features being incorporated in the design?

Yes, a 30kW solar power system will be installed as part of the redevelopment. Other environmentally-friendly design features will be incorporated in the design as required under current building requirements.

A geothermal bore will also be installed which will allow hot groundwater to be circulated through heat exchangers to heat both pools and the indoor pool hall.

UPDATE: The geothermal bore is now complete and the pipework to the plant room is now installed and waiting for the electrical switchbaord (02/11/2012).

How do I register a complaint during the redevelopment?

Please contact the Manager – Beatty Park Leisure Centre, Dale Morrissy on 9273 6080 or

How do I apply for work at the new facility?

The City of Vincent website will be used to advertise any job vacancies that arise during and after the redevelopment. Resumes can also be sent to the Manager – Beatty Park Leisure Centre at

I represent a supplier of goods and services, who can I talk to about any opportunities during or after the project?

Please contact the Manager – Beatty Park Leisure Centre, Dale Morrissy on 9273 6080 or

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