Beatty Park Leisure Centre Redevelopment

Redevelopment update - new facility now open!

Beatty Park Leisure Centre is one of the City of Vincent's greatest and most recognisable assets. In addition to the Leisure Centre being a leader in recreation facilities in this State since its creation in 1962, it has been an icon in the Vincent community. The Centre not only caters for our community, but draws patrons from across the metropolitan area and has been the pre-eminent choice for sporting groups and schools as a venue for aquatic events.

The City of Vincent is dedicated to ensuring that Beatty Park continues to meet and exceed the expectations of its patrons. It needs to remain a state-of-the-art recreation facility and a well-managed, profitable asset for our ratepayers.

The last major refurbishment of the Centre took place in the 1990s and the Centre is now at a stage where the needs of users have changed and the plant and equipment are due for replacement. Now is the time to look at the Centre and ensure that Beatty Park retains its place as a premier recreation facility catering to diverse needs and continues to operate as an asset for future years to come.

To achieve this, a $17 million dollar redevelopment has now been completed and the new facility is open to the public. Details of the plans (including visuals) can be found at the link below.

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The Plans

By redeveloping the Centre, the City hopes to create a state-of-the-art, modern and competitive leisure centre that will act as a magnet for a diverse range of recreation activities and compliment the sustainability objectives of the City. At present the Centre is a popular aquatic and fitness facility; the redevelopment will ensure the long-term viability of the Centre and meet the current and future needs of patrons by incorporating best practice and innovation.

The Redevelopment Plans have focused on a number of key proposed works. These are outlined below:

What’s new?

For full details click here – or see below for an overview.
Click here to view 3D images and the Site Plan.

In addition to upgrades throughout the existing building, a brand new two-level building has been constructed on the eastern side of the complex, overlooking Beatty Park Reserve. Note that the heritage-listed façade of the complex was not affected.

The new two-level extension features:

  • New entrance, reception and foyer
  • New café, with seating area and retail shop
  • Brand new gym with all new, state-of-the-art equipment (top floor) which overlooks Beatty Park, including:
    • The first 360 Multi-Station in the state (for cross-fit enthusiasts)
    • The latest 19 inch touch screen monitors with internet connectivity on treadmills (Apple and Android compatible)
    • Hammerstrength and Life Fitness plate loaded and pin loaded machines
    • Two Jacobs ladder climbing machines
    • Cybex Arc trainers
    • Plus much more
  • Two huge new Group Fitness rooms (ground floor) with a capacity of 60+
  • New toilet/change area
  • New offices for the Swim School –
  • Installation of lift between floors of the gym to assist with access.

The upgrades to the existing building include:

  • Minor upgrade to administration offices to enable them to be leased to recreation and associated professionals, eg: physiotherapists
  • Upgrade of existing toilets and bathrooms, with a new suite of changerooms
  • Disabled access ceiling hoist, adult change table and new accessible change-rooms. Addition of extra family and accessible sized changerooms and cubicles
  • Upgrade to universal access and traffic flow within the existing car park

The pool upgrades include:

  • Retiling of Indoor pool and new children’s water features added (July 2012)
  • Upgrade of existing (50m x 8 lane) outdoor pool by installing a new 50m x 10 lane pool with a depth to suit a number of activities (completed Nov 2012). An accessible ramp was also included for better access for patrons with a disability.
  • Upgrade of existing 30m outdoor pool by reducing the depth to 2m and re-tiling (diving board removed) – this Activities Pool is for water polo and other activities (completed Dec 2012)
  • Adding a 12m x 12m ‘Learn to Swim’ outdoor pool next to the above Activities Pool (completed Dec 2012)

Sustainable features:

  • Incredibly, the below technologies will save the City of Vincent over 5,000 mega watt hours of energy each year - equivalent to the electricity used by 890 Vincent households over the same period.
  • Geothermal heating system which draws hot water from deep underground to heat all of the facility’s swimming pools (with potential expansion to heat other nearby Vincent facilities in the future)
  • One hundred and fifty 250W Suntech solar modules which contribute significantly to powering the Centre’s electrical equipment
  • Presence Detectors will ensure lights in less frequently used areas are only on when needed
  • Super-efficient Airblade hand dryers save 80% on conventional hand dryer energy costs

General works:

  • Upgrade of car parking facilities which will add extra bays and allow for better access for pedestrians and bikes
  • Upgrade of existing water treatment plant and plant room
  • Repainting of indoor pool interior and exterior
  • Repainting and general maintenance to be undertaken on the existing grandstand
  • Upgrade lawn and landscaping areas to outdoor pool area.

Future Work

The City was successful in obtaining $2.5 million in State Government funding through the Community Sporting and Recreation Facilities Fund for this project. This has assisted with the upgrade of the pools, change-rooms and plant room and the installation of geothermal heating for the pools. Despite a number of funding applications, unfortunately to date no money has been made available from the Federal Government which means that the City of Vincent will need to carefully manage any other work in the future on the facility to minimise the impact on the City's finances. Information on these works will be made available at a later date.

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