Two Way William Street

From 1 December the City will transition parts of William Street and Brisbane Street from one way to two way to make it easier for people to get around.

The change to two way traffic is part of the wider CBD plan to free up traffic flows by eliminating one-way streets and has been in the pipeline for a number of years. It brings a number of benefits for our community, motorists and local shop owners. It will improve travel times, create a safer roadway, reduce bottle necks, allow better flow of people from the City of Perth side of William Street and make it easier to navigate.

As the changeover date of 1 December approaches, we will be reminding the community through the local papers, social media, information bulletins, flashing variable message boards and we have plans to help drivers navigate the new road environment once it changes to two way.

For more information contact us on 9273 6000 or

Two Way William Street - Map