Tips to Deter Burglars from Your Home

WA Police advise that householders can take a number of measures to reduce the risk of theft by reducing opportunities for burglars by:

  • Not flaunting assets and property by making them easily visible and accessible (e.g. laptops visible through the window, car keys or handbags/wallets on the kitchen or hall table).
  • Installing home security (whether it is as simple as doweling placed in the channel of your windows or a sophisticated alarm system).
  • Installing adequate external night lighting using automatic motion sensors.
  • Having a family dog at home.
  • Communicating with your neighbours and watching out for each other.
  • Locking front and rear doors and windows when not at home – special care should be taken to secure access points to the side and rear of your home.
  • Keeping the front door and rear door locked when at home, especially when attending to other business (i.e. when in your backyard or on the phone).
  • Giving unoccupied homes the appearance of being occupied using timing devices to activate internal lighting and radios etc.
  • Identifying weaknesses around the perimeter of your house and strengthening (e.g. remove or cut back foliage that can obscure access to windows; where there is a small pane window next to an external door place security mesh/grill over window or dead bolt the door; cover large toilet windows with security mesh/grill etc).
  • Securing tools and garden equipment to prevent their use by potential burglars.
  • Making your bedroom a secure environment (lock on the bedroom door and windows; have a phone near the bed – keep emergency numbers next to it along with a torch).
  • Ensuring your valuables are identifiable by photographing, recording serial numbers and marking the property to render its resale less anonymous and therefore more difficult to dispose of.
  • Noting and reporting any suspicious behaviour, along with descriptions of person, registration numbers etc to Police on 131 444 (000 if emergency).

Complacency in relation to home security is the burglar’s best ally. The majority of burglaries are opportunistic – taking advantage of errant householders. Help reduce your chances of becoming a victim by being proactive in your home and personal security.