Tips for Preventing Graffiti Etching

Business enquiries through Safer Vincent have highlighted the impact of etching. Below are some tips to help you protect your business premises:

  • Coatings – apply a plastic film over the outside of windows, this film can be removed if damaged and fresh film applied (see “coatings” in the Yellow Pages)

  • Lighting & Surveillance – increase lighting of high-risk areas using sensor lights and vandal-proof permanent lighting

  • CCTV – install Closed Circuit Television 

  • Landscape – prickly plants (e.g. roses, bougainvillea, hakea and grevillea) can form effective barriers outside ground floor windows and balconies

  • Practice Neighbourhood Watch – Neighbourhood Watch is a community-based programme aimed at reducing the incidence of preventable crime (visit

  • Goodbye Graffiti – the Goodbye Graffiti website ( is dedicated to graffiti vandalism management within Western Australia and is managed by the Office of Crime Prevention
    • Goodbye Graffiti hotline 1800 44 22 55
  • WA Police – report graffiti ASAP to Police (131 444) and contact the City for assistance and advice with clean-up.