Avoid Opportunistic Break-ins

Police report that many break-ins could easily have been prevented as these break-ins have occurred where people have left doors/windows open at night. Offences have occurred whilst people are at home or in other areas of the house. Offenders have also entered the house in attempts to obtain keys to steal cars from the home. To reduce the opportunities for burglars householders can:

  • lock front and rear doors and windows when at home especially when attending to other business (i.e. when in your backyard or on the phone or asleep) and not at home – special care should be taken to secure access points to the side and rear of your home

  • ensure that all keys to home and vehicles are removed from view and placed in a safe and not obvious place

  • install home security

  • not flaunt assets and property by making them easily visible and accessible (e.g. laptops visible through the window, car keys or handbags/wallets on the kitchen or hall table)

  • install adequate external night lighting using automatic motion sensors.

Burglars are opportunistic and complacency in relation to home security is the burglar’s best ally. Help reduce your chances of becoming a victim by enacting the above steps and being proactive in your home and personal security.