4 Steps to Making Your Home Safer

Wembley Police provide these four precautions all Vincent residents can heed to prevent the possibility of becoming a potential victim of crime:

  1. Be mindful of your surroundings and do not make it easy for would-be criminals. Laptops, cameras and televisions seem fairly popular items so making sure they out of view, secured,  engraved/marked and serial numbers recorded is a good start to improving your home security.

  2. Ensure doors to your house are always locked at night and during the day if you are out the front or back (some offenders enter homes through the rear or front depending on where the occupants are). Have a secure, locked letterbox to prevent thieves from stealing your mail and obtaining your personal details for identity fraud.

  3. Keep in mind usual strategies if you are away from home on holidays... stopping the paper delivery, getting someone to put out the rubbish, collect mail and secure car keys if you are going away and leaving the car in view.

  4. Always report things that don’t appear right or people in areas doing things that appear strange or out of place to the WA Police. This is a good strategy to play your part in making your community safer.