Vincent Accord

The Vincent Accord comprises stakeholders from licensed premises, the City of Vincent, WA Police and other regulatory authorities. The Accord Committee consists of a committed, collaborative group whose aim is to implement strategies that promote the City as a safe place to socialise. The success of the Accord relies on mutual and open communication between all stakeholders.

The Vincent Accord acknowledges that patrons, residents and the general community have a right to socialise in a safe environment and should do so without impacting on the rights of others.

The Accord has developed a strategic document specifying the Vincent Accord's principles, aims and strategies for 2009-2011, and represents a committed and unified approach. It acknowledges the currently implemented and supported practices with respect to licensed premises operating within the City of Vincent, including the implementation of the Liquor Control Act 1988, and the importance of participating in drug and alcohol education initiatives. The signatories to the Vincent Accord are committed to upholding the principles and aims of the Accord.

Safer Bars WA

A number of licensed premises within Vincent have been invited to participate in the trial of the Safer Bars WA training project - a programme to increase the capacity of bar staff to prevent aggression, violence and injury in and around bars by providing all staff within a licensed premises with free in-house training and supporting information.

Party Buses

Vincent's popular entertainment precincts attract patrons from across the metro area. Many patrons choose to utilise the services of party buses to travel to and from the venues. A Party Bus Working Group was introduced to develop initiatives to try to improve the quality of life for those residents and businesses that occupy property close to licensed venues. 

Party Buses

Information for Residents

Community Information Guide to the Vincent Accord

List of Vincent Accord Premises

Resources for Licensed Premises and Party Bus Operators

Vincent Accord Strategy Document 2009-2011

Stakeholder Agreement

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Party Bus Code of Conduct

Party Bus Registration Application

Application Liquor Licensing & Gaming Application Form

Section 39 Application Form

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More Information

Contact Health Services on 9273 6533, email, or visit our Safer Vincent page.