Salvation Army City Homeless Response

In 2016 the Salvation Army opened a 24/7 phone line that provides information to businesses, Local Governments and the general public about how they can assist individuals experiencing homelessness within the catchment area of the City of Vincent and the City of Perth.

The service uses a coordinated approach involving collaboration between multiple organisations in the homelessness sector to provide the best possible response.

Major Brad Watson of the Salvation Army said:

"The service is designed to provide the best response increasing efficiency, response time and access to linked service providers. The telephone service will greatly enhance the ability of services to work closer together in a cohesive manner and, we believe, deliver more effective outcomes for the community."

If you are a ratepayer, resident, worker or visitor in the City of Vincent and you see someone experiencing homelessness that may need assistance, you can contact City Homeless Response on 0429 511 833. 

More Information

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