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Vincent's popular entertainment precincts attract patrons from across the metro area. Many patrons choose to utilise the services of party buses to travel to and from the venues. A Party Bus Working Group was introduced to develop initiatives to try to improve the quality of life for those residents and businesses that occupy property close to licensed venues. The group comprises representatives from the party bus industry, licensed premises, WA Police, City of Vincent and the community.

Working collaboratively, a Party Bus Code of Conduct was developed to ensure the safety of bus patrons, venue patrons and staff and residents and businesses in the vicinity. In addition, a Party Bus Registration initiative has been developed to ensure that Accord venues and the City support the party bus operators that have made a commitment to adhering to the code of conduct.

Through close co-operation with the party bus industry and in conjunction with licensed premises and WA Police, and after a successful trial, the City has introduced a Party Bus Code of Conduct and Party Bus Registration for all party bus operators frequenting Vincent's popular night spots.

The objective of the Vincent Accord Party Bus Code of Conduct and Vincent Accord Party Bus Registration is to identify and promote authorised bus services operating within Vincent that have agreed to abide by a strict code of conduct. It is a co-operative approach to transporting people to and from licensed venues, where all concerned maintain the rule of law with regard to drinking on the buses and drop-off and collection of patrons, thereby minimising any adverse impact on surrounding residents and businesses.

Party buses adhering to principles outlined in the Code of Conduct and complying with the City's Local Laws and relevant WA State legislation, are supported within Vincent.

"Party bus operators who register essentially agree to 'do the right thing' by taking steps to minimise the impact of operating their businesses. Since starting this initiative we have already seen a dramatic drop in complaints of anti-social behaviour and problematic issues reported around licensed premises, party buses and with party bus patrons. Registered party bus operators are conducting their business in a co-operative and safer way – making a worthwhile contribution to making our City a safer place for all. This really is a positive for operators, other businesses and residents near our entertainment precincts, and Vincent overall".

Party bus operators and individual buses register prior to the commencement of operation within Vincent. Privately owned bus operators not registered with the City will not be afforded the same privileges as registered party bus operators. Registration is free and provides advantages such as designated lay over and set down areas.

The party bus initiative is the first of its kind and was developed to try to improve the quality of life for those residents and businesses located close to licensed venues and has already made a positive contribution to promoting safety, with measurable reductions in anti-social behaviour and criminal activity being reported. It is hoped that the development of initiatives such as this will continue to be a positive local government model of what can be achieved by working in partnership with the residents, business community, industry and WA Police to achieve a tangible solution to community problems. The project since its beginning in 2008 has received a considerable degree of interest from the media, WA Police, other accords, local governments, Drug and Alcohol Office and interstate organisations.


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