The City is Vincent is proud to be a Community Partner of the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation (CCCSF), who work to keep children and young people free from harm through a variety of theatre-in-education and community education programs.

Constable Care Safety School                                                                                                     

The Constable Care Safety School is a best-practice excursion destination for children aged 4-12 years. It includes a purpose-built classroom and complex and realistic layout of Perth's streets that provides students with a hands-on opportunity to learn vital pedestrian, bicycle and public transport travel safety skills.

Featuring cutting-edge augmented reality in a simulated-risk environment, the Constable Care Safety School provides an exciting excursion opportunity for primary schools that links directly to WA curriculum outcomes.

Constable Care Through puppet theatre and live interactive performances, the Constable Care team of professional actors address a range of personal safety, community safety and citizenship themes to excite, engage, challenge and educate children in lower and upper primary school.
Lost Child Services A best-practice Child Safety Management Solution designed to minimise risk and reduce trauma for children and parents attending WA's family-oriented events.

Comfort Packs

A Comfort Pack is a child's backpack filled with essential items that provide personal care and comfort while away from home.

Constable Care provides these free of charge to frontline care and emergency service workers anywhere in WA who are working with children who are victims of abuse, neglect, or who are involved in traumatic situations such as road accidents or bushfires.

Theatrical Response Group

Theatrical Response Group is the Foundation's theatre-in-education program designed to empower secondary school students to deal with the social pressures affecting their day to day lives.

Your Call

CCCSF have re-imagined the engaging 'interactive book' concept as a series of online films focused on youth crime and social issues such as alcohol abuse, violence and car theft.

Each 'Your Call' video is designed to be an immersive short story filmed from your 'point of view' as the main character, and allowing the viewer to make decisions that change the way the film plays out and ultimately, the ending.

City After Dark                

CCCSF have partnered with WA Police Force to provide evening safety educational walking tours for upper secondary and tertiary students and community youth groups through the Perth CBD and entertainment precincts.

The three-hour tours show students how areas which are largely safe during the day can become much riskier as evening turns to night, and how to identify risks and avoid dangerous situations.

Augmented Reality Safety Education                                                           CCCSF have launched a FREE app called Arility which uses the power of augmented reality to bring road safety lessons to life, and help students to identify safer choices in realistic road and transport scenarios.

More Information

Contact the Safer Vincent Advisor on 9273 6014 or email