Increase in Opportunistic Crime

What’s happening?

The City has received reports of an increase in crimes such as theft affecting businesses along Oxford Street and the surrounding areas. The crimes are often of an opportunistic nature.

Please note

If you are a business owner or operator, the City of Vincent and WA Police recommend that you take measures to decrease your risks and to help prevent the likelihood of becoming a target for crime:

  • Train staff to greet all visitors/customers as they enter the business to make it clear you are aware of their presence
  • Roster and position staff so that they are able to see each other and are not working alone (where possible) to prevent staff being isolated by offenders
  • Use shop floor layout techniques to eliminate hiding places for offenders
  • Consider installing security mirrors and CCTV in difficult to see areas or where valuable merchandise is stored and install signage to notify customers of this
  • Ensure that countertops are wide and high enough to prevent anyone from reaching over to staff and/or the cash register.
  • Do not attempt to physically detain suspects - your safety is more important than your stock.

Report it

Report all theft and other crime to Police on 131 444, or on 000 for emergencies only. If you wish to discuss any concerns or obtain further advice from Police, contact your local policing team on their mobile 0466 521 367 (Wembley Police Station – Leederville Team) and leave a message if nobody answers.

Further enquiries

For further enquiries please contact the Safer Vincent team on 9273 6000 or contact your local policing team.