Bin Sticker Project

Reducing travel speeds of vehicles – Please Slow Down – Consider our Kids! 

Following on from a successful pilot bin sticker project which showed success in reducing travel speeds of motorists in 2005, and strong community support, the City implemented the project Vincent-wide in areas surrounding all local primary schools. 

This project was funded by the City and supported with funds from Roadwise.  Roadwise administers the community grants for Road Safety (Fund) under the direction of Local Government and Community Road Safety Committee on behalf of the Road Safety Council and the National Safety Council of WA Trust Fund administered by the Royal Automobile Club of WA (RAC).

Bin stickers are still avaliable for residents to be placed on Council provided bins and are a great way to encourage motorist to 'Please Slow Down - Consider our Kids!' To get your sticker, contact the Community Partnerships team.

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