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Welcome to the Vincent Business Network e-Newsletter ‘Subscribe’ page.

Business is important to the City of Vincent and we’d like to keep you in touch and informed on Vincent’s business news, events, alerts and opportunities.

We’ll email you on a monthly basis – or whenever we have something pertinent – with info such as business development activities, business training courses and seminars and professional networking opportunities. We’ll also send updates on the City’s activities and items for comment that relate to business. Don’t worry – we know you’re busy, so we’ll keep it short and sharp!

To subscribe, just fill in the form below. If you’re not directly located in a Town Centre then simply select the one you’re closest to. That way we can ensure you receive any news specific to your business locality.

Please feel free to share and recommend this to your fellow colleagues and surrounding Vincent business contacts so they can also subscribe and benefit.

Should you have any queries or issues with subscribing, please contact our Marketing team:

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