Platform Project


Please be mindful:

  • Public Realm - Stick to the Platform site and not privately owned buildings or infrastructure unless permission is granted.
  • Keep it clean – tagging or obscene artwork will not be condoned and removed immediately.
  • Materials – There is no limitation in materials provided they pose no threat or hazard to the public and are temporary in nature. Any construction must comply with relevant regulations. Due to the scope of the project and its temporary nature, artists are encouraged to be resourceful in their selection of materials.
  • Safety – Artworks in public places must be constructed from appropriate materials to withstand weather and wear and tear. The artwork proposed must be safely installed to the appropriate requirements. The City cannot provide 24 hour security for the artwork.
  • Installation – The artist is responsible for the installation and deaccession of the artwork. The City may provide in-kind assistance as negotiated. The site must be returned to its original condition by the artist.
  • Maintenance – The artist is responsible for maintaining the artwork for the duration of the project. If the artwork is damaged beyond repair, the City may remove the work or otherwise deaccession the artwork if it is damaged beyond reasonable repair or conservation. Work may be subject to vandalism or graffiti and this must be considered in the design of the project.

If you are unsure or want to tell us more about your piece contact us direct at