The City of Vincent Mural Program aims to enlivens the City’s streets with ephemeral artwork. Since its inception in 2011, close to 200 murals have been funded through the program and collaborations with community arts groups. All of these murals can be viewed on the City's Art Map.

If you own or have permission from the property owner of a commercial building in Vincent and would like to see it's blank walls laden with artistic beauty in the form of mural art, we may be able to assist by contributing up to 50% of the costs! The City can facilitate any call outs, provide artist contacts and assist in installation of the mural. All proposed murals, funded or not, are to be reviewed by the City.

City of Vincent Public Mural Guidelines and Application Form

Public Murals Policy


How much will a mural cost?

This is dependent on a number of factors including who the artist is, the size and the scale of the wall. We can assist to working to a budget via an expression of interest.


What’s the process for getting a mural?

Once you’ve obtained permission from the Property Owner in writing, complete the Mural Application and send it back to us. If you’re seeking funding from the City, this will also be reviewed by the Arts Advisory Group, and if approved an agreement between you and the City will be executed prior to commencement.


What murals or applicants would be ineligible?

Have a read of the Guidelines to get all the facts!


How much will the City contribute to a mural?

A great place to start is to establish the budget amount you wish to spend. From here the City may contribute up to 50% of the cost of procuring a public mural if it meets the criteria outlined in the Public Mural Guidelines. The number of public art murals which are awarded funding each year, depends on the funds available and the number of applications received.


Can I have advertising in my mural?

Any mural which can be deemed advertising won’t be eligible for the funding from the City (this can be by way of colour, branding, business logos or imagery related to the main service of the business). For full details regarding advertising, have a read of the City’s Signs and Advertising Policy.


Can you provide me with artist contacts?

Absolutely! Check out the City’s Art Map if any take your fancy, otherwise contact the Arts and Activation Officer on to discuss your brief and what you are looking for.


Once I get approval is there a set time the mural needs to be undertaken?

The mural must begin within three months of funding being awarded. If the project is unable to meet that deadline, approval may be rescinded.

Can I choose my own artist?

Yes of course! But just keep in mind if you are requesting the City to contribute, applicants/artists may only be funded a maximum of one time within any financial year.


I have a wall with graffiti on it, can the City assist in its removal?

The City offers a free service which, in most cases, we are able to remove tagging within 24-48 hours of the report being made. Click here for further information regarding this.

If a mural is in need of repair or restoration, all parties involved (i.e. Owner, Lessee and the City) will work together to undertake this work and share costs for restoration or repair. The City will attempt to remove vandalism only if it will not impact the artwork.


Further Information

Please get in contact with Tegan Patrucco, the City's Arts and Activation Officer on 9273 6553 or