City Logo

city logo

In late 1995 a public competition was conducted to design and create the City's corporate logo. Joint winners of the competition were Renato Perino and Paul Glasson. The logo was adopted by the Council on 12 February 1996.

The City of Vincent's logo combines some of the elements that characterise the diversity of the area:

Sun THE SUN - symbolising warmth and energy, reflecting the pleasant lifestyle in this area.
Tee branch THE TREE BRANCH - symbolising the lush, well-kept parks and gardens and a strong commitment to a clean, healthy and safe environment which are aspects of the City of Vincent's outdoors.
The Bird THE BIRD - symbolising peace, harmony and friendliness which prevails within the City.
The Cornice THE CORNICE - symbolising the architectural and historic aspect of the area, and featuring on many character houses and buildings, some of which were built in the late 1890s and early 1900s.

The Diamond Shape

Symbolising strength and prosperity.

The Colour Values

Maroon/deep red are closely associated with the heritage and represent action, youth and vitality which symbolises the City. The direct opposite colour is green/blue and represents strength and reliability.


The constructions "Town of Vincent" and "Beatty Park Leisure Centre", together with their respective logos, are registered trademarks. All uses must be authorised by the City of Vincent. Applications to use these trademarks should be directed to Communications.