As a business owner, you must ensure that your property’s signage and advertising is appropriate and complies with Policy No. 3.5.2 – Signs and Advertising.

Signs play a big part in any streetscape – hence, poor signage can damage the quality of the pedestrian environment and the over charm and aesthetics of an area. As a local business owner we need your cooperation to ensure that Vincent’s streetscapes remain beneficial to all.

What is appropriate signage?

The City’s Signs and Advertising Policy (applicable to all business owners) is quite detailed – so we’ve outlined the main signage requirements you need to take into account:

  • Be an integrated part of the building/site
  • Fit in with and complement the character of their surroundings
  • Be compatible with the scale, design and visual character of the building/site
  • Be contained within the boundary of the lot
  • Be easy to read and provide a clear message
  • Not be visually obtrusive or result in excessive visual clutter
  • Not cover a large proportion of the shopfront window preventing passive surveillance (for safety)
  • Not prevent movement, access or safety for pedestrian, cyclist or vehicles
  • Be of high design quality and well maintained
  • Only advertise goods and services that relate to the business on which the sign is located

Is approval needed for signs?

Yes, most signs and advertising attached to buildings require approval from the City. In many cases, if your signage is minor and it complies with the Policy, only a sign license is required.

In addition, portable advertising signs placed on footpaths or public land require a permit which is subject to inspection and set conditions.

Penalties may apply for displaying signs or advertisements that have no approval or do not comply.

More information

If you have any question or would like to discuss any of the information on this page, please contact statutory Planning Services on 9273 6000.

Policy No. 3.5.2 – Signs and Advertising