Beatty Park Reserve

Ever-popular Beatty Park Reserve is a beloved haunt of many Vincent. Conveniently located on the corner of Vincent and Charles Streets in North Perth, Beatty Park Reserve boasts not only a fun playground for the kiddies, but also exercise equipment, a sportsground and many other amenities for you!


Parking Park Benches Playground
Recreational Lighting Toilets Drinking Fountains
Pavilion Paths Floodlighting
Sportsground Exercise Equipment

Fees & Charges

These fees are especially for Beatty Park Reserve, and apply ‘till 30 June each year. We may require you to pay a bond, which we’ll determine during the booking process.

Active RecreationCharge
With facilities - toilets, change rooms and social room
Per day $ 302.00
Per half day $ 182.00
With facilities - toilets & changerooms
Per day $ 271.00
Per half day $ 170.00
Without facilities
Per day $ 261.00
Per half day $ 162.00
Power Charge (if applicable) $ 61.00
Refundable Bond (if applicable) $ 250.00

How to make a booking

If you’d like to hire Beatty Park Reserve, please have a read of these conditions first:

  1. You must book at least 15 business days (three weeks) in advance
  2. The Terms and Conditions of Hire must be read and understood
  3. The submission of an application form does not, in any way, guarantee or confirm the booking
  4. The booking process can take up to five business days from receipt of the application form

Now, simply complete this application form to kick-start the booking process.

For more info, give the Halls and Reserves Booking Officer a call on 9273 6565 or send an email.