About One Life Suicide Prevention Strategy


The Western Australian Government committed $13 million from 2009 to 2013 to implement the One Life Suicide Prevention Strategy. The Strategy aims to transform attitudes regarding suicide and suicidal behaviour and represents a guide for policies and services to better meet the needs of people at risk. The Strategy also charts a longer term vision to promote individual mental health and wellbeing and the need to enhance community capacity in approaches to suicide prevention.

In 2012, the City received One Life funding to undertake community consultation in order to consult with the community, including residents, businesses and service providers, about what they thought was missing and what needed to be implemented to reduce rates of suicide. Community feedback informed the development of two Community Action Plans (CAPs), one for young people and one for the broader Vincent community.

City wide engagement was undertaken to develop the CAPs, including a community engagement session, engagement at community events, online surveys for community members and service providers and face-to-face and telephone contact with service providers. 347 community members and service providers provided feedback regarding assets and issues relating to suicide prevention and possible solutions for future initiatives.

We asked the community questions like:

  • What do you think is needed in the community to reduce loss of life through suicide?
  • Are you aware of supports currently available for people at risk of suicide?
  • Which types of initiatives would you most like to engage with?

Through the consultation process, we identified the community’s four key priorities for suicide prevention as:

  1. Increased awareness and knowledge of suicide prevention to increase the capacity of the Vincent community to identify and respond to suicide behaviours;
  2. Improved coordination among health services, local government and non-government organisations and community groups to meet the needs of the broader Vincent community and to improve the evidence base of suicide prevention;
  3. Increased social capital (connectedness and belonging) in the City of Vincent; and
  4. Increased awareness and knowledge in the City of Vincent education sector of mental health issues and suicide among secondary students.

CAPs were submitted to the Ministerial Council for Suicide Prevention in February 2013 and further funding to implement CAP initiatives was approved.

The City implemented a number of initiatives throughout the year, aimed at improving community health and wellbeing and reducing loss of life through suicide. The consultation and CAPs are funded by the One Life Strategy through Centrecare - as part of The Western Australian Suicide Prevention Strategy.

For more information about the One Life Strategy visit www.mcsp.org.au/one-life-strategy

More Information

Contact the Community Development Team on 9273 6557 or email mail@vincent.wa.gov.au.