No Glass in your Green Bin

We've placed ‘NO GLASS IN THIS BIN’ stickers on every green bin lid in Vincent.

Why? >> Because household glass placed in the green-top general waste bin is causing a big problem. Pop it in your yellow top recycling bin instead!

Together with the Waste Authority and Mindarie Regional Council, our City is working to reduce glass contamination in the green bin system to improve resource recovery and recycling outcomes u turning the organics in the green lid bin into compost.

The Resource Recovery Facility (RRF) at Neerabup (which receives just over half of our 'general' or 'residual' waste) processes over 100,000 tonnes of material per year. This facility composts the organic matter (such as food scraps, lawn clippings, garden pruning’s and pet droppings) in the waste stream and turns it into a rich soil conditioner.

Unfortunately, glass can’t be used to make compost.

Large pieces of glass are screened out and sent to landfill, but finer pieces make it through and contaminate the finished compost, limiting its use in the community.

The good news is >> We can recycle all types of glass if you put it in your yellow-top recycling bin instead – easy!

For more information see - or give our Waste Minimisation a call on 9273 6000 or email them at