You may not know that the Planning, Building and Heritage Services play a significant role in the development of our fair City of Vincent. 

If there are visions and strategies to be decided upon for the City, you can be sure Planning Services is all across it, creating, developing and, well, strategizing. The dedicated team also provides procedures for the lodgement and assessment of Development Applications, which you yourself may need in the future.

The Planning Services team deal with a huge range of queries and issues, including:

  • Zoning and rezoning
  • How a particular property can be developed
  • What types of uses are permitted
  • The development standards required for a particular property
  • Any future plans for a particular area

Our Planning Services team is divided into two main areas: Strategic Planning and Statutory Planning.

Strategic Planning gets creative and develops visions, strategies and initiatives for the future. They also prep the planning framework such as the local Planning Strategy, Town Planning Scheme and Planning Policies.

Statutory Planning roll up their sleeves to assess and determine the outcomes of Development Applications. This is done in accordance with the existing planning framework and they also provide advice surrounding development enquiries.

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Character Retention Areas and Community Consultation:

Community Consultation

Character Retention Areas

Information relating to Community Consultation in the Planning process:

Design Advisory Committee

Development Assessment Panels (DAP)

Development Compliance

Forms/Checklists/Fees & Charges

Future Planning Projects

The suite of .id tools are used by many local governments throughout Australia. The company comprises a team of demographic experts which tailor and interpret census data for each local government area into a nifty website which is available for staff, Elected Members, the community and business groups.

id. community data

Are you interested in hosting a Parklet outside your business/property?


Planning & Building Policies

Planning Approvals

Planning Reform

Street Numbering

Sustainable Design

Sustainable buildings are comfortable to live in and cheap to run. They also keep their occupants happy and healthy by avoiding toxic materials and providing ample ventilation and natural light. Find out how to make your home more sustainable.

Zoning Information

Trees of Significance

The City’s Trees of Significance Inventory aims to protect trees of significant value within the City of Vincent.