Car Parking Strategy 

At the Ordinary Meeting of Council held on 9 March 2010, the Council adopted a reviewed version of the Car Parking Strategy and associated Precinct Parking Management Plans:

Adopted Car Parking Strategy 

Adopted Precinct Parking Management Plans

The documents were prepared by parking consultants and involved detailed analysis and review of the City's existing approach to car parking and surveys of Vincent's activity centres. The documents proposed a series of recommendations to better manage parking and accommodate the existing and future needs of the community. In October 2010, the Council endorsed a Car Parking Strategy Implementation Plan that provides the framework for the implementation of the key recommendations within the documents in the short, medium and long term.

Recommendations within the Car Parking Strategy 

As an inner-city municipality, the City does not have a large supply of car parking and, with the forecasted growth in the inner-city area, the recommendations within these documents are based on the premise of adopting mechanisms to reduce the demand for parking, as the current approach is simply not sustainable. It is anticipated that adopting an approach to reduce the demand for parking will enable more effective use of current parking arrangements and for sufficient parking in the long-term for all the community.

Installation of Ticket Machines

One of the key short-term recommendations in the Implementation Plan is the installation of ticket machines which are intended primarily to assist in the enforcement of time limit restrictions and to promote increased turnover of spaces. It is considered important to provide an increased turnover in parking bays that support all users including customers, business operators and surrounding residents.

Ticket machines provide a more efficient way of ensuring that the time restrictions are adhered to and also provide the opportunity to introduce flexible charging strategies. Ticket machines also allow for the reinvestment of income into improving transport infrastructure facilities for all users.

Alternative Travel Modes

Recent surveys found that in the Perth metropolitan area 80 per cent of trips were by car. There are a number of travel alternatives available in Vincent and by choosing these alternative forms of transport you are not only reducing the demand for parking but also reducing local traffic, reducing air pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, improving your health through physical activity and reducing your travel costs. For more information on the alternative travel modes ,visit the Travelsmart pages.

Way Finding

The City’s Car Parking Strategy indentifies a list of recommendations to guide the City in providing a sustainable approach car parking management. One of these recommendations is to engage a consultant to prepare a Way Finding Signage Strategy for drivers and pedestrians. The aim of the Way Finding Signage Strategy is to make the City of Vincent more legible through the use of signage which brands the City and assists drivers to:

  • Know where to look for parking and way finding signage when they need it.
  • Understand the way the information is communicated; and
  • Obtain the information quickly without fuss.

The Strategy has identified a “family of signs” for the City of Vincent area and the most appropriate number and location for these signs.

This Strategy was adopted by the Council at its Ordinary Meeting held on 10 July 2012. The City’s officers are currently investigating the proposed locations of these signs and are in the process of obtaining quotations from manufacturers.

The Way Finding Strategy can be downloaded from the links below

Way Finding Strategy Part 1

Way Finding Strategy Part 2

Way Finding Strategy Part 3

Way Finding Strategy Part 4

Way Finding Strategy Part 5

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