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As per the City’s Policy No. 3.5.2 relating to Signs and Advertising, a Sign Strategy is to be submitted with Development Applications in the following instances:

  • Signage advertising services or products other than those available on the lot;
  • Pylon signage with a width exceeding 300 millimetres;
  • Wall signage exceeding ten (10) percent in area in total on any one wall (excluding projecting signs); and
  • Applications for variation of standards for proposals involving three (3) or more signs that do not comply with the standards of the City.

A Sign Strategy is required in the above instances to assist the Council in exercising its discretion in relation to signage applications, to ensure:

  • a reasonable and equitable level of identification to businesses and community facilities within the City of Vincent is provided;
  • signage complements the character and visual amenity of an area, the buildings on which they are displayed, and the general environment; and
  • there is no proliferation of signage to the detriment of existing signage.

Before filling in this form please download and complete the table to include details of the proposed signage. The table is to correspond with the plans and elevations as stipulated by section 3.2 below. You will also be required to provide photographs and documentation to support this application. Please read through the entire form and have ready these elements for uploading with submission of this form.

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1.0 Personal And Site Details

1.1 Personal Details

1.2 Site Details

Is the property heritage listed?

2.0 Existing Signage

2.1 Photographs

To your knowledge, have these signs been approved?

3.0 Proposed Signage (Including Re-badging Of Existing Signage)

3.1 Please download and complete the table to include details of the proposed signage. The table is to correspond with the plans and elevations as stipulated by section 3.2 below:

3.2 Diagrams

As per the Planning Application Checklist relating to signage, a site plan and elevations showing the proposed location of signage are to be provided, inclusive of the following:

  • Dimensions of proposed signage (width, depth and area in square metres)
  • Height from natural ground level to underside of all signage
  • Percentage of sign area in relation to the wall or building facade where proposed

4.0 Rationale For Proposed Signage Relating To Specific Assessment Criteria

Please provide written justification in relation to the below specific assessment criteria, to demonstrate that consideration has been given to the impact of the signage on the amenity of the adjacent property and surrounding area.

  • The proposed signage respects the amenity of the area;
  • The proposed signage does not compete with existing signage within the site;
  • The size and impact of the proposed signage responds to the size of the premises on which the signage is to be displayed and the scale of the surrounding buildings;
  • The proposed signage does not negatively impact on the appearance and efficiency of a road or other public way in terms of colour, brightness and location;
  • The pattern and theme of the proposed signage matches that of existing signage in the area;
  • The proposed signage responds to any objects of scenic, historic, architectual, scientific or cultural interest; and
  • The proposed signage does not dominate the streetscape.
I have read and understood this form and to the best of my knowledge have provided true and correct information.



If the Sign Strategy is approved by the City, the signage approved as part of the strategy may be renewed or replaced with no additional planning approval (only a Sign Licence). However, planning approval will be required if:

  • the advertisement area is to be increased;
  • the renewal or replacement would result in a different type of sign; or
  • the sign is to be erected in a different location.