Mental Health

The City of Vincent is dedicated to maintaining and promoting a safe and healthy community. Government Departments and non-government organisations have long invested heavily in promoting the importance of maintaining sound physically health.  However, the time has finally come to invest in the other half of the ‘health and well-being’ battle - Mental Health.

Statistics taken from the Mental Health Commission’s Mental Health 2020 - ‘Making it everybody’s business’ publication shows that 55% of 189 of Magistrate’s Court defendants reported experiencing a mental health disorder.

Other factors related to individuals with mental health disorders include:

  • Higher risk of substance misuse, such as alcohol, drugs and food (self medication)         
  • Greater risk of being or becoming unemployed
  • More at risk of suicide and
  • Diminishing physical health.

With over 45% of all Australians likely to be affected with a mental disorder during some stage of their lives (National Survey of Mental Health and Well-being 2007) it is easy to see why the City of Vincent is keen to support its community with information and guidance in this area. 

If you require further information on Mental Health support please refer to the following links.  If you believe you may be suffering from a mental health disorder please, please, please consult with a trusted GP.

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