Heritage Assistance fund

Our City is steeped in history and has a many number of stunning historical sites that tell a story from years gone by. We want to preserve that history and ensure our heritage remains for the generations to come. That’s where the Heritage Assistance Fund (HAF) comes in.  The Fund provides financial assistance to those who wish to undertake approved heritage conservation projects on places listed on the City of Vincent Municipal Heritage Inventory.

If your project is eligible, you’ll be entitled to up to 50% of the total cost of works, to a maximum of $5,000, subject to budget availability.

The Heritage Assistance Fund is now open and will be closed on 30 September 2020, subject to the availability of funding. 

1. Requirements for Funding

Heritage Assistance Fund Policy

Please read the Policy before making an application to ensure all requirements are satisfied.

2. Application and Conditions

Heritage Assistance Fund Application & Conditions Form (PDF) 

Heritage Assistance Fund Online Application & Conditions Form

Your application will be assessed for eligibility, and conditions must be signed before you commence works.

3. Funding

Once construction is complete, submit your invoices to heritage@vincent.wa.gov.au by 30 May 2021.

For further information please contact the City on 9273 6000 or email heritage@vincent.wa.gov.au.