Cash for Cans - Primary School Winners Announced!

To help demonstrate how valuable this breed of recycling is and to further push container deposit legislation, Vincent offered a ‘Cash for Cans’ scheme to its local primary schools. All six primary schools jumped on board, receiving 10 cents a can (up to the value of $2,000), from September through to December.

Cheques and certificates were presented to the kids and representatives of their school, at the recent Light-Up Leederville Festival held on Saturday 8 December, by the Hon. Mayor Alannah Mactiernan.

North Perth Primary School blew everyone away by collecting a massive 13,200 cans! Aranmore Catholic Primary School came a close second, collecting 10,500 cans! Overall there was a total of 39,200 cans collected in the Cash for Cans scheme! To put this figure into perspective - the amount of cans recycled is enough energy to power an average 100 watt light bulb for approximately 2147.9 days! (to find out more visit



Number of CansAwardPlace

North Perth Primary School

13,200 $1,350 1st

Aranmore Catholic Primary School

10,500 $1,050 2nd
Kyilla Primary School 6,200 $650 3rd
Mount Hawthorn Primary School 4,800 $500 4th
Sacred Heart Primary School 4,100 $400 5th
Highgate Primary School 400 $50 6th

The City would like to congratulate and thank the participating schools in this scheme.

Giving these students the opportunity and information earlier on in life surrounding the importance of reducing, reusing and recycling - we will begin to create the waste management experts of the next generation!

Hon. Mayor Alannah Mactiernan has been gaining momentum behind the push for state wide container deposit legislation and Vincent is certainly leading the way. South Australia boasts its excellent recycling rate of around 70% largely to container deposit legislation (CDL) in comparison to Western Australia who reaches a dismal 32%. South Australia has also managed to reach and sustain a recovery rate of approximately 90% for drink containers sold within the state.

Background information

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