Cycling on Footpaths

Change to the Road Traffic Code 2000 - bike riding now allowed on footpaths

From 26 April 2016, all bike riders in Western Australia will legally be allowed to ride on footpaths. This updates the previous law which only allowed children under the age of 12 to use footpaths and brings WA in line with the rest of Australia. The change will benefit children, seniors, parents and those who don't feel confident using the roads. 

The Road Safety Minister Liza Harvey said the "common sense" change to the law was aimed at low speed riders, like parents with their children and leisure cyclists. It also helps to remove the non-sensical notion that children over the age of 11 would be confident and safe riding on the road.

Local government bylaws can still ban cycling on specific footpaths, such as around Aged Care homes. In Vincent for example, only those children under 12 years old are allowed to cycle on the Britannia Reserve walking path.

Riders who are more confident will still maintain their right to be able to use the road. As a community of riders it is important that people who are choosing to ride on a path, show pedestrians the same level of respect that would be expected from motorists on the road.

Please ring your bell well before overtaking to not startle pedestrians, don't go whizzing past and make sure you give plenty of room. Pedestrians maintain the right of way at all times. For more information on road rules applying to people who ride bikes, click here >> .

The Minister's media statement is available here >>

If you require further information, contact the City's TravelSmart Officer on 9273 6558 or