Compost & Recycling Initiative

What's happening? 

Over the last year we've helped around 250 Vincent households start composting or worm farming but we aren't finished yet!

What this means for our residents is that our great green offerings continue:

  • Subsidised composting and worm farming equipment
  • ‘How-to’ fact sheets to help you do the right thing with your waste
  • Free compost and worm farm workshops with the awesome Transition Town Vincent team
  • Free 'green' community movie nights

Free Composting and Worm Farming Workshops in 2018: 

A series of workshops is planned for 2018. To be notified about future workshops, contact us via one of the methods provided below in the 'Register Your Interest' section. 

'How-to' fact sheets

To help you make the right recycling choices and to help with your worm farming and composting activities, we've created a suite of user friendly fact sheets. You can pick these up from us in person, or access printable versions below:


Using Bokashi

Worm farming

In-ground worm farming

Recycling and household hazardous waste

Why are we doing this?

We've put in place a range of measures to divert as much waste as possible away from landfill. These measures have allowed us to achieve a 'diversion rate' 51%. That is a great start, but we need your help if we are to achieve our 2020 target of 65%. 

What can you do?

  • Keep organic materials out of the waste stream by composting or worm farming your kitchen scraps, garden waste and pet droppings. Can't compost or worm farm, but keen to do your bit? >> Check out the organics collection service by Kooda at:
  • Keep recyclable items out of the green wheelie bin - pop them in your yellow-top bin, including all glass
  • Before throwing stuff out, check on the correct disposal method to make sure it gets recycled or reused

More information about what we are doing to help you

Subsidised composting and worm farming equipment

We have a range of highly subsidised composting and worm farming equipment for our residents, plus composting worms, so there's something to suit all household types and sizes. 

You can order and pay for your composting equipment via phone and we will deliver it to your home via a scheduled fortnightly delivery run. If you prefer to pay for your equipment in person, the City's cashier will take payments at the City's Administration Centre (244 Vincent Street Leederville).

If you prefer to collect your equipment from our Administration Centre rather than having it delivered, please advise us a few days in advance to ensure we have it ready for your collection.

All equipment is highly subsidised and includes the following items:

EquipmentTypical Retail CostSubsidised Cost to Residents
220L compost bin and aerator $73 $30
Bokashi bucket (complete kit to get started, comes with Bokashi mix, bucket and more) $59 $25
Worm farm (complete kit comes with tiered worm farm, bedding material and 1kg worms) $215 $120
In-ground worm farm $29 $15

Free workshops and movie nights

Community workshops demonstrate the different composting and worm farming options to help you decide which are best for your household. If you host a workshop in your garden, we'll let you keep the compost bin, in-ground worm farm or Bokashi system that will be set up to demonstrate composting during the workshop. If you prefer to buy a worm farm, you'll get $30 off the purchase price of the complete kit.

Waste themed community movie nights promote awareness and build community cooperation around waste minimisation and diversion. These nights are also a great opportunity to share your ideas and experiences with other members of your local community.

Workshops and movie nights are delivered with the assistance of local community group Transition Town Vincent.

Register your interest

To register your interest in purchasing equipment or attending/hosting a workshop, please take a moment to fill out our quick survey and registration form below. Our officers will contact you with workshop dates and can also help you decide which type of composting equipment will best suit your household.

Alternatively, you can contact our officers directly by calling 9273 6000 (ask for the Waste Team); or emailing

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