Development and land use proposals on properties are required to be assessed and approved via a Planning (Development) Application.

All Development Applications are assessed against the City of Vincent Local Planning Scheme No. 2, the Residential Design Codes and the relevant City Policies.

Development Approval is required for

Generally, an application for development approval will be required for proposals involving:

  • construction of buildings/dwellings
  • changing the use of a building/premises
  • increasing the floor area of an existing structure
  • additions and alterations to existing dwellings
  • non-residential developments
  • non-complying signage (with the City's Policy)
  • lapsed development approvals (approvals are valid for two years, after which a new application must be submitted if not substantially commenced)
  • places with heritage significance
  • demolition of places listed as being of heritage significance
  • non-complying front fencing (with the City's Policy)
  • retaining walls (over 500mm in height)
  • excavation in the front setback area (over 500mm)

Note applications are not required for development that meets the requirements of Cl.61 of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015. 

Development Approval may be required for

  • Fence alterations
  • Landscape works
  • Minor Works
  • Home occupations (businesses conducted from home).

Development Approval is not required for

  • Dividing fences less than 1.8m above natural ground level behind the front setback line
  • Internal alterations (a building licence may be required for internal additions) unless the building is heritage listed.

Development approvals must be granted prior to the submission of a Building Licence.

Development Approval Lodgement

If you're applying for development approval you must complete a MRS Form 1 application form, Consent and Indemnity Form and review the Planning Application Checklist. You can find these here.

Before lodging an application for development approval you're encouraged to contact Planning Services. The Planning Officers can assist with advice on what information is required and explain the assessment process.

The period taken to assess individual applications can vary depending on whether or not the application complies with the requirements of the Local Planning Scheme No. 2 and relevant policies which can, in turn, determine if an application can be dealt with under delegated authority or is required to be determined at a Council Meeting. The statutory timeframe for the assessment of Planning Applications is in accordance with Schedule 2, Part 9, Clause 75 of the Planning and Development (Local Planning Schemes) Regulations 2015.

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