Fast Track Applications

What does 'Fast Track' mean?

'Fast Track' means that applications will be assessed for particular types of developments within a shorter time period, providing the application complies with the City's Town Planning Scheme, Planning Policies and the Residential Design Codes of Western Australia (R-Codes).

What type of applications can be considered 'Fast Track'?

The types of applications that commonly fit the criteria are patios, sheds, fences, carports, garages, single-storey additions to single houses, and signage.

What is the process involved and how long does it take?

An application is lodged with the City and referred to the Development Approvals Team. The application is then allocated to a Planning Officer who assesses the plans. If the application is compliant with the City's Town Planning Scheme, Planning Policies and the R-Codes, advertising is not required and the application will be approved.

If variations exist, the application will be advertised for public comment to the surrounding land owners and residents for 14 days. Following the advertising, the Officer makes a determination based on the comments received.

How to lodge an application

To lodge an application, the applicant must complete MRS Form 1: Application for Approval to Commence Development, Consent and Indemnity Form and submit the application in accordance with the Planning Application Checklist.

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