Scarborough Beach Road Activity Corridor

The Scarborough Beach Road activity corridor project is a joint project between the Department of Planning, City of Stirling and the City of Vincent. The project will aim to provide an overarching transport and land use concept that, when implemented over time, will significantly improve the form and function of the road and its surrounds into the future.

The objectives of the project are to:

  • demonstrate the application Directions 2031 and the Activity Centres Policy particularly as they relate to activity corridors
  • establish best-practice planning, urban design and transport outcomes along the length of the activity corridor
  • provide a framework for policy and statutory improvements and
  • demonstrate the effectiveness of partnering with local government and portfolio agencies in delivering projects which cross jurisdictional boundaries.

The final Scarborough Beach Road Activity Corridor Framework and submissions report has now been released and can be viewed on the Department of Planning's website, under the Relevant Links heading below.

Relevant Links:

Scarborough Beach Road Urban Design Framework

Department of Planning

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