Introduction of Pension Rebate Capping

As part of the 2015/16 State Budget, the State Government announced that from financial year commencing on or after 1 July 2016, the 50% concession allowed to eligible pensioners on local government rates would be restricted to a capped amount.  Western Australia was the only State not to provide a dollar cap on Local Government Rates. 

 The pensioner rates capped amounts will be set each year, consistent with the manner in which senior’s rates caps are set.  This will occur in late June, prior to the commencement of the financial year.  The pensioner rate capped amount has been announced as $750 for 2018/19.  If your rates levy is below the $1500 threshold you can expect to receive the full 50% rebate, but the rebates on any levies above that will be capped to a maximum of $750.

Unfortunately, the pensioner rebate cap will result in some ratepayers paying more for their rates than they would have paid if there was no cap. The cap on the pensioner rebate is a State Government initiative and any concerns or objections should be directed to your local Member of Parliament. However, if you wish to discuss the impact that the cap will have on your rates, please contact the Rates Department on 08-9273 6000 or