Interim Rates

Some ratepayers may receive amended rate notices during the year called Interim Rates Notices. These notices are required to be issued if the Valuer General's Office considers that the Gross Rental Value (GRV) of a ratepayers' property has changed.

Any alteration to the property could cause the GRV of your property to be re-assessed by the Valuer General's Office. Typical events which could trigger a revaluation and the need to issue an Interim Rates Notice include:

  • Creation of a new property
    (If a lot is created from a subdivision, amalgamation or strata title)
  • Improvements or additions to the property
    (Installation of a swimming pool, construction of a garage or carport or the addition of a bedroom)
  • Demolition of a property
    (This is usually the first step in the redevelopment of a site and only the first in a series of interim rate adjustments)
  • Removal of a swimming pool

When a new or amended valuation is supplied by the Valuer General's Office, a reason for the amendment and effective date of the valuation is also provided. This information will be shown on your Interim Rates Notice.

How do I appeal against the GRV of my Property?

Determinations of Gross Rental Values (GRV) used in calculating rates are supplied to local governments by the Valuer General's Office. Any objection against the valuation must be made in writing within 60 days of issue to:

Valuer General's Office
PO Box 2222

For further information visit or contact (08) 9273 7341.

Where an objection to the Valuer General has been made, the full amount of rates is still due and payable 35 days from date of issue of the rate notice. Any decision resulting from the objection or subsequent Land Tribunal hearing will be retrospectively adjusted.