Instalment Payments

Providing that requirements for eligibility for the Rates Instalment Payment Option have been met, a ratepayer may pay their rates over four instalments.

To qualify for the instalment option, ratepayers must pay any arrears and the full amount of the first instalment by the due date for instalment number 1.
The payment must be received by the City by close of business on that date. No responsibility can be taken for any delays encountered in the delivery of the mail.

The due dates for payment of rates by instalments for the 2018/2019 rating year are:

Instalment Due Dates

Instalment Number

Due Date

1st Instalment

31 August 2018

2nd Instalment

31 October 2018

3rd Instalment

4 January 2019

4th Instalment

4 March 2019