Holiday Safety Tips

Be Safe during the Holiday Season

With the holiday season there are plenty of excuses to establish and reaffirm friendly ties with your neighbours. Your neighbours can be a great practical resource – they can collect your paper, feed your pets, water plants, look out for your property, and be general eyes and ears to what’s going on in your street – so it's best to remain on friendly and cordial terms.

The success of these arrangements lie in ensuring that this assistance is reciprocal – that is, be prepared to do the same for them if they require. It is always advantageous to get on well with your neighbours.

Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

  • Get to know your neighbours – say 'g’day' and let them know of your plans for the holiday season, make an offer to look out for their property whilst they are away
  • Join Neighbourhood Watch online
  • Do not leave pets in cars
  • Do not leave valuables in cars
  • Respect your neighbours and don’t make too much noise when returning from that Christmas party to your vehicles/homes late at night
  • Don’t street drink or litter (it’s a litter offence to throw cigarette buts from vehicle as well as a fire hazard)
  • Be considerate with parking especially in areas where parking is limited
  • Don’t block people's driveways etc
  • The City can be of assistance in regards to:
    • parking over the holiday season (the City offers extra parking permits for parties – notification is required well in advance and subject to conditions)
    • Noise concerns
    • Dog barking concerns
    • Check with the City about waste collection over the holiday period
    • Note the City's after hours emergency number – 9273 6061
    • Along with City's after hours number, note Police (131 444) and emergency service numbers (000)
  • Over the hot, dry summer period ensure long overgrown grass and fire hazards in your yard are cleared
  • Ensure batteries are replaced in smoke alarms and that they are working correctlyIf you see any intruders or suspicious behaviour contact Police on 131 444 (000 if emergency) or be prepared to call Crime Stoppers (1800 333 000) noting a description of person and vehicle registration numbers.
  • Report graffiti ASAP to Police and contact the City for assistance and advice with cleanup

Further advice on safety measures for the holiday season can be found on the Neighbourhood Watch website.