Breaking the Criminal Code

Living in a thriving, growing community is a rewarding and uplifting experience; however, the promise of established homes and a friendly neighbourhood can be a temptation to those who have intentions that may be less than honest.

In conjunction with the WA Police Central Metropolitan Crime Prevention Unit, the City has created a booklet called Breaking the Criminal Code to help you to identify potential safety risks and develop ways in which to minimise those threats.

Throughout the booklet you will hear from people who have broken the criminal code of silence in order to give you insights into what they look for when on the prowl.

Whether it’s graffiti, home and personal security or protecting your house while you’re away, we encourage you to read this booklet and make use of the many hints, tips and helpful suggestions it contains.

A hard copy of the booklet can be obtained by contacting the Co-ordinator Safer Vincent. 

Extracts from the Booklet

Graffiti Prevention

Personal Security

Holiday Security

Further Information

Co-ordinator Safer Vincent
9273 6000 or