Nyoongar Outreach Service

The City funds outreach and referral services primarily to support Aboriginal people who sleep rough in parks within Vincent, and work closely with a fantastic local organisation, the Nyoongar Outreach Service.

In 2006, the City increased funding for the Nyoongar Outreach Service in recognition of its valued work in the community and its help in forging better understanding amongst residents, City of Vincent staff and park dwellers. The City of Vincent provides funding for the service and encourages strong communication and cooperation with Vincent Rangers. Together with the Department of Aboriginal Affairs, Vincent is one of the Nyoongar Outreach Services' major partners.

What is the Nyoongar Outreach Service?

Nyoongar Outreach Service is an Aboriginal Controlled Organisation. It provides outreach support to people in public spaces by linking them to appropriate services. The organisation also works with at risk young people in the night precincts. Nyoongar Outreach Service links people to services who normally would not access mainstream services. They also provide transport to safer places.

Nyoongar Outreach Service provides assistance with the following:

  • Self harm 
  • Family and inter‐family violence 
  • Entering the criminal justice system 
  • Homelessness 
  • Substance abuse 
  • Mental health episodes

What the Nyoongar Outreach Service do

  • Maintain a street presence by undertaking regular foot patrols
  • Assist people to access appropriate agencies by making referrals
  • Work towards defusing conflict through mediation
  • Be aware of health and welfare needs of Aboriginal people and make appropriate referrals
  • Work with homeless people to organise short and long term accommodation
  • Improve public relations with the business community
  • Liaise with the local retailers regarding specific issues
  • Make referrals to sobering/ refuge centres
  • Provide transport to a safe place
  • Improve cooperation between Aboriginal people and the law

What the Nyoongar Outreach Service cannot do

  • Nyoongar Outreach Service does NOT have powers to arrest, detain or remove people from a public space
  • They do NOT have the powers to confiscate or remove alcohol and other substances

How can you help?

  • Report criminal offences to the police
  • Develop a good relationship with patrol officers
  • Advise patrol officers of any current trends
  • Report all relevant incidents to patrol officers

How to contact the Nyoongar Outreach Service

The service is based in East Perth and the staff members conduct outreach in different areas, at different times of the day and night and visit 'hotspots' at the City's request. The number to call to request assistance from Nyoongar Outreach Services is 0403 360 337.

If you need assistance with a matter that relates to a criminal offence then please call your Local Police Team. Click here, enter your suburb and you’ll find your team’s contact details.

Would you like a free Nyoongar Outreach Service phone sticker with relevant contact numbers for the City of Vincent? Contact the Community Development team to have one mailed to you along with a Nyoongar Outreach Service flyer, giving a description of the service.

Nyoongar Outreach Service  

More Information

Contact our Community Development team on 9273 6000 or community.development@vincent.wa.gov.au.