Boundary Matters

Following the boundary realignment proposals submitted to the Minister for Local Government in 2006 (see below), the City's (at the time, Town's) boundaries were expanded from 1 July 2007 to include parts of East Perth, West Perth and Glendalough.

On 9 February 2007 the Minister for Local Government, the Hon. John Bowler, advised that our proposal to realign our boundaries to include a part of Glendalough east of the Mitchell Freeway and parts of the PCC north of the Graham Farmer Freeway had been successful.

We are also we very pleased that the Local Government Advisory Board and Minister rejected the PCC's bid to annex parts of Vincent. We thank all those that lent their support to the City of Vincent and especially the overwhelming efforts of our Precinct Groups who fought to remain in the City of Vincent.

The City worked closely with the Cities of Stirling and Perth to ensure a smooth transition for residents, ratepayers and business proprietors. The City was delighted to welcome parts of East Perth, West Perth and east Glendalough (subsequently re-named Mt Hawthorn) into our close-knit and inclusive community.

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Glendalough Renamed 2008

Following the transfer of east Glendalough into the City, there was community support for this part of Glendalough to be re-named Mt Hawthorn.

With over 72% of respondents to a community survey indicating support for the name change, the City submitted a proposal to the Geographic Names Committee who supported the bid for the renaming. The Minister then formally approved the renaming and the Committee undertook the statutory requirements to affect the change.

In April 2008 the City received a letter from the Minster of Land Information, the Hon. Michelle Roberts, advising that the proposal to rename this part of Glendalough had been granted and in May 2008 the Geographic Names Committee finalised the name change.

It should be noted that whilst the City's municipality boundary runs along Scarborough Beach Road, the renaming does not apply to those properties/lots which are in Osborne Park - these properties remain in that suburb, it is only the properties/lots that were formerly named Glendalough that have changed (see map below).

Glendalough map

The Geographic Names Committee undertook to advise all necessary agencies (Australia Post, Australian Bureau of Statistics, RAC Insurance, WA Electoral Commission, Australian Electoral Commission, Western Power, Land Enquiry Centre, Water Corporation of WA, Telstra, Australian Valuation Office, Fire 1 Emergency Services Authority of WA, Police Services, Health Department of WA and Synergy) of the renaming. The Town updated its records to reflect the change.

Residents and business proprietors in the re-named Glendalough area were required to update their details with those with whom they correspond and amend letterheads and so forth to reflect the change.

Boundary Matters 2006

Boundary Proposals

The City of Vincent prides itself on being one of the most highly sought-after and desirable areas for people to live and work in. The City actively sets out to provide excellent services and maintain and enhance our unique diversity - in our people, our cultures, our buildings, events and places of interest. An independent survey in November 2004 had residents giving the City an 87% satisfaction rating for the "provision of efficient and effective services".

Town of Vincent Proposals

With an aim to introduce more logical and practical boundaries, the City of Vincent submitted proposals to the Local Government Advisory Board (LGAB) to transfer the following into the City (at the time, Town):

  • parts of East Perth and West Perth (north of the Graham Farmer Freeway)
  • parts of Glendalough (east of the Freeway) and
  • Mt Lawley (not already in the City), Menora and Coolbinia

The request for the realignment of boundaries follows natural/physical borders and will benefit both new and existing ratepayers and residents.

Proposal - Local Government Advisory Board - Glendalough, Perth

City of Perth Proposal

Not entirely unexpectedly, the City of Perth submitted a counter proposal to the LGAB to assume that part of Vincent south of Bulwer Street and bounded by Bulwer, Vincent and Loftus streets and down to Newcastle Streets.

Information Distributed During the Inquiry


East Perth/West Perth

Rebuttal to PCC Proposal

PCC Proposal Map

Inquiry and Consultation Process

The Local Government Advisory Board (LGAB) has conducted an inquiry into the three proposals concurrently and members of the public (individuals and groups) were invited to participate. Public submissions on the proposal ended on 20 July 2006. The LGAB presented a report to the Minister for Local Government and Regional Development. In February the Minister made an announcement on the proposals.

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