Fees & Charges


 A4 Black & White  30c per page
 A3 Black & White  30c per page
 A4 Colour  $2.50 per page
 A3 Colour                                   $4.00 per page              



 A4 Black & White                       30c per page                 


Lost Membership Cards:

 Individuals    $10.50 per card
 Family                           $21.00 per family


Temporary Membership:

 Refundable deposit  $50 per card   


 Room Hire:

 Interview Room - Community (maximum 2hrs per day)  Free                                                          
 Interview Room - Business (maximum 2 hrs per day)  $15 per hour
 Media Room - Community  $20 per hour
 Media Room - Business                                                  $40 per hour


Administration Fees:

 Overdue Item Account          $10 per account sent
 Lost Item Refund Fee  $10 per refund


Please Note: The library accepts cash and EFTPOS payments.