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Planning & Building Policies

The Planning and Building Policy Manual is adopted pursuant to the City of Vincent Town Planning Scheme No.1. These Policies provide the guidance and requirements specifically for development in the City of Vincent.  

Residential Development is the main form of development within the City of Vincent. The Residential Design Codes of Western Australia provide the minimum standards for residential development in Western Australia, however they recognise that every local government area has a different character and therefore it provides the ability for local governments to develop Policies relating to specific residential standards. In the City of Vincent these standards are within Policy No. 3.2.1 relating to Residential Design Elements. 


Policy No. Title


Table of Contents

 7.1.1  Built Form
  Precinct and Locality Statements Cross Referencing Table
Precinct Plan
Residential Development
7.4.1 Not currently assigned
7.4.2 Aged or Dependent Persons' Dwellings
7.4.3 Not currently assigned
7.4.4 Not currently assigned
7.4.5 Temporary Accommodation

Not currently assigned

7.4.7 Not currently assigned
7.4.8 Not currently assigned
7.4.9 Encroachments over Crown Lands
Development and Design
7.5.1 Minor Nature Development
7.5.2 Signs and Advertising
7.5.3 Education and Care Services
7.5.4 Substantial Commencement of Development
7.5.5 Domestic Satellite Dishes, Microwave Antennae and Tower Masts
7.5.6 Telecommunication Facilities

Licensed Premises

7.5.8 Temporary Viewing Platforms

 Home Business, Home Occupation, Home Office and Home Store

7.5.10 Sustainable Design
7.5.11 Not currently assigned
7.5.12 Not currently assigned
7.5.13 Percentage for Public Art
7.5.14 Not currently assigned
7.5.15 Character Retention Areas
7.5.16 Not currently assigned
7.5.17 Not currently assigned
7.5.18 Not currently assigned
7.5.19 Application of Condition to Amalgamate Land on Planning Approvals
7.5.20 Street Addressing
7.5.21 Sound Attenuation
7.5.22 Consulting Rooms
7.5.23 Construction Management Plans
7.6.1 Heritage Management - Development Guidelines for Heritage and Adjacent Properties
7.6.2 Heritage Management - Assessment
7.6.3 Trees of Significance
7.6.4 Heritage Management - Interpretive Signage
7.6.5 Heritage Management - Amendments to the Municipal Heritage Inventory (MHI)
7.6.6 Heritage Management - The Heritage List
7.6.7 Heritage Management - Bonuses
7.6.8 Heritage Management - Dealing with Enquiries Regarding the Heritage Status of Properties
7.6.9 Heritage Assistance Fund  
Parking and Access
7.7.1 Parking and Access
7.7.2 Car Sharing
7.7.3 Not currently assigned
No. 1 Not currently assigned
No. 2 Not currently assigned
No. 3 Design Guidelines for Richmond On The Park
No. 4 Not currently assigned
No. 5 Not currently assigned
No. 6 Brookman and Moir Streets Design Guidelines
No. 7 Not currently assigned
No. 8 Highgate Design Guidelines
No. 9 Not currently assigned
No. 10 Not currently assigned
No. 11 Non-Conforming Use Register
No. 12 Design Guidelines for Elven on the Park
No. 13 Not currently assigned
No. 14 Design Guidelines for No. 95 (Lot 75 and part lot 76) Chelmsford Road, Mount Lawley
No. 15 Joel Terrace Design Guidelines
No. 16 Design Guidelines for the Half Street Block bounded by Fitzgerald, Newcastle (all lots between Palmerston and Fitzgerald Streets) and Stuart Streets and Pendal Lane, Perth
No. 17 Design Guidelines for Lacey Street
No. 18 Design Guidelines for William Street, between Bulwer and Newcastle Streets, Perth
No. 19    Leederville Masterplan Built Form Guidelines
No. 20 Refunding and Waiving of Planning and Building Fees 


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