Festival & Event Sponsorship

Festival and Event Sponsorship aims to support City of Vincent based groups and organisations to deliver festivals, events and other similar activities which contribute to community vibrancy.  Sponsorship will be provided through direct funding and/or in-kind services with the level of support determined by the value to the Vincent community in terms of economic, cultural and social outcomes.  Through a formal Sponsorship Agreement applicants are be required to acknowledge support from the City of Vincent.

Sponsorship applications are assessed annually by Council’s Arts Advisory Group who provide a recommendation to Council for formal consideration. There is no maximum amount of funding for each festival or event through this funding category with amounts awarded based on alignment with the Guidelines and Criteria as well as Council priorities. 

Applicants should also refer to Council Policy No. 3.8.3 – Concerts and Events.


If you’re from a not-for-profit community organisation that demonstrates the involvement of a cross-section of the community, we urge you to apply. What have you got to lose?

More information will be made available when the Festival & Event Sponsorship Grants open.

Need more info?

Give the friendly Community Partnerships team a ring on 9273 6000 or email community.partnerships@vincent.wa.gov.au