Birdwood Square Pavilion

Birdwood Square Pavilion

More Information

This page features general information about Birdwood Square and specific details relating to the amenities available as well as fees & charges and instructions for making a booking


Birdwood Square is located at 301 Beaufort Street, Perth

Should you wish to book a space at Birdwood Square, please complete the online booking form here


Birdwood Square Amenities
Parking Park Benches Playground
Recreational Lighting Drinking Fountains Sportsground

Fees and charges

The following fees and charges applicable for the hire of Birdwood Square. The City of Vincent’s Council endorses the fees in July each year and they are applicable until 30 June. A bond may be charged against your booking.  Should a bond be required, this will fee will be determined through the booking process.

Facility userate (per hour)
Community $15.00
Commercial $30.00
Ceremony/Reception $46.25
Bonds and Other Charges
Facility bond $0 min to $5000 max
Replacement of lost key $25.00
Cancellation fee $20.00
Late booking fee $20.00

How to make a booking

To hire Birdwood Square an application form must be completed and submitted online which initiates the booking process. 

Before submitting an application, please ensure you have read and understood the conditions listed below.

  1. There must be at least 15 business days (three weeks) until the first booking date.
  2. The Terms and Conditions of Hire must be read and understood.
  3. The submission of an application form does not, in any way, guarantee or confirm the booking.
  4. The booking process can take up to five business days from receipt of the application form.