Four obvious trends resulted from the Leedy Streets Open trial. We sincerely thank the team at Curtin University who collected much of the data that exposed the four trends. The data was collected during the Sunday closures and compared with the data collected on Sunday February 26, which was the Sunday before the trial.

Trend 1There were more people

There were more people in the Leederville Town Centre during the trial closure Sundays (5, 12, 19 and 26 of March) than on the ‘normal’ Sunday on the 26 February. The trial closures also had slightly higher numbers on average than the following Sundays in April and May.

Trend 2Different Results For Different Businesses

The below table shows the number of people within businesses and public spaces on the closure dates, this is compared with the number of people within businesses on the Sunday before the trial.

  • Food and beverage businesses, retailers and Leederville’s public spaces had increased patron numbers duringthe trial.
  • Grocery/ Liquor/ Chemist/ Convenience users had less patrons in their store during the trial.
  • Weather influenced pedestrian numbers. A thunderstorm during the afternoon of the 12 March may have reduced visitor numbers in Leederville’s public spaces.
  • Patron numbers were comparatively lower for retailers than for restaurants and cafes which may reflect global trends in spending and retail.

Trend 3Businesses That Engaged In The Trial Did Well

A breakdown of patron numbers against particular businesses show that those businesses who engaged with the trial generally saw significant gains compared with those that did not.

Trend 4Improvements Are Needed To Enhance The User Experience

Improvements have been suggested by businesses and attendees:

  • traffic management improvement, including car bays being closed closer to the time of the road closure;
  • improved marketing and branding; and
  • trialling a new day and time to better suit retail.

Improvements in traffic management, marketing and activation (City led or business led) may improve the user experience and potentially bring more people to Leederville.

Early work to persuade better engagement by retailers (including opening longer hours) is also recommended.


This surveys below are designed to enable the City to better understand:

  • whether the City should proceed with a second series of Leedy Streets Open;
  • if the City should close the road to cars during a different month, day and/or time to the March road closures that occurred in 2017; and
  • what improvement can be made to enhance the performance of the trial and the ability for
    businesses to participate.

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