Sump to Park Project

Published on Thursday, 12 April 2018 at 12:35:55 PM

On the corner of Lawler and Bedford Streets in North Perth, sits a drainage sump that will soon be turned into a park for locals to enjoy thanks to the City of Vincent’s sump conversion project.

“The City of Vincent has been forging ahead with a strong program to expand and improve our parks and green spaces in Vincent,” said Mayor Emma Cole.

“The idea was brought to us by members of our Environmental Advisory Group and it gave us a unique opportunity to turn a cavernous and ugly fenced hole in the ground into a beautiful neighbourhood park. The clever use of water cells has also meant that we will improve the current drainage capacity at the site,” she said.

The sump currently provides storage for storm-water runoff from the surrounding roads. To covert the sump into usable space, the City is installing a concealed storm-water catchment and soakage system within the sump area. A hydraulic consultant was engaged during the design phase to ensure that the final design is an improvement on the existing sump drainage and can cater for storm events. Currently the City is installing a lattice of plastic water containment cells within the excavated sump. The cells are wrapped in geo fabric, to prevent soil entering the cells during a storm and approximately 500mm of soil will then be laid over the top of the cells.

The City will also install additional soak-wells in Lawler and Bedford Streets to capture and slow down the flow of water during storm events.

“Once the water cells are installed and the sump filled in, the park will be landscaped with waterwise native plantings, creating a beautiful native garden with some children’s nature play elements for the North Perth community to enjoy. It is located across from Kyilla Park, so it’s also a real positive to be able to provide more space for local children to play.”

“Projects like these can make so much difference to this North Perth neighbourhood and we are excited to see this transformation taking place,” said Mayor Cole.

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