Residential parking changes

Published on Monday, 3 July 2017 at 12:00:00 AM

Residential parking changes

Vincent is growing. Our lively urban villages, fantastic facilities and our proximity to the Perth city centre means that the pressure on parking in recent years has grown. Managing parking is a challenge for all inner-city councils. As Vincent continues to grow and prosper, the demand for finite kerbside space will continue to increase and effective planning and management is critical going forward. 

Following careful consideration of community feedback, together with analysis of what other comparable councils are doing to manage their parking challenges, we’ve revised our Parking Permits Policy and streamlined the permits process to make life easier for you, and us. 

Please visit the ‘Residential Parking’ web page here for full details, including how to apply for your permit(s). 

What’s happening? 

Council identified the need to make the parking permits process more straightforward. Thanks to valuable community feedback we’ve now revised the Parking Permits Policy No. 3.9.3, which guides how we issue parking permits and streamlined the permits process to improve customer service experience. 

Your new permits should be stuck to the windshield of any vehicles belonging to residents at your property. They can also be transferred to visitor vehicles (more details below). 

Why are we doing this? 

This is simply, good practice and part of a wider program to cut red tape and make life easier – which also means less of your ratepayer dollars go towards administering this system. 

As a busy inner-city council, the need for car parking in Vincent is increasing. To balance competing demands for parking space, some streets have time restrictions and sometimes paid parking. This helps to ensure parking turnover so that people can access services and facilities, it limits commuter parking in residential neighbourhoods and it also encourages alternative transport options. Residents and their visitors are eligible for parking permits but please note that whilst a parking permit exempts users from most time restrictions, it doesn’t guarantee a parking bay.  

These are the key amendments to the Parking Permits Policy 3.9.3: 

  • The same permit will be used for both residents and visitors and these will simply be called ‘Residential Parking Permits’ (we used to have different permits for residents and visitors).
  • Residential Parking Permits will be valid for a period of three years, and new permits will be automatically sent out to you every three years – you don’t have to reapply.
  • Your permit(s) is valid only within a particular zone (see below for map).
  • The permits ‘run with the property’ and can be transferred between owner or tenant. People occupying a property must ask the property owner or previous property owner for the Parking permits applicable to that property. 

Number of permits available per dwelling

  • Single house (detached) - 3 permits
  • Group dwelling (i.e. town house) - 2 permits
  • Multi dwelling (i.e. apartment, unit) - 1 permit (some prohibitions do apply; see Policy No. 3.9.3 Parking Permits) 

Permit conditions

  • The permit does not exempt the driver from the provisions of the Road Traffic Code.
  • The permit does not authorise parking in the following areas; Disabled (ACROD) bays, No Stopping Zones, No Parking Zones, Clearways, 15/30 minute Parking Bays, Loading Zones and Ticket Machine Zones.
  • Any misuse of parking permits, such as the sale or hire of permits, will result in permanent cancellation of the permit.
  • Residents and their visitors are eligible for parking permits but please note that whilst a parking permit exempts users from most time restrictions, it doesn’t guarantee a parking bay.

To apply for a permit 

Please visit the Residential Parking web page here

For further information

Please contact the City’s Ranger Services team by email at or by telephone on 9273 6552.

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