Native Plant Sale moves to North Perth Common

Published: Tuesday, 6 August 2019 at 4:31:33 PM

The City of Vincent’s annual Native Plant Sale will be moving to an exciting new location this year, with North Perth Common being the place to buy native tube stock, plants and also small trees. The sale takes place on Saturday 17 August 2019 from 8am to 11am.

“We’re building a calendar of events at North Perth Common and are really keen to demonstrate to our community the flexibility of the space for a wide range of community events. Bringing people into North Perth is great for the local businesses too. It’s part of our focus on economic activation of our town centres,” said Mayor Emma Cole.

“Our Native Plant Sale is really popular and each year we are providing more and more native plants to our residents for use in private gardens and verges. This year, we will also have 100 native trees available for sale at cost price, to boost our canopy cover and help people plant more trees in their own backyards.”

Privately owned land accounts for 66 per cent of the Vincent area and the rise of infill development has seen a decline in Vincent’s tree canopy and vegetation on private land in recent years.

“Over the past six years we’ve planted 2,640 trees in parks, verges and streets, with another 350 to be planted this financial year. But canopy cover is declining on private land, even with our 30 per cent canopy requirement for new development. We want to help residents feel confident to plant trees in their gardens, so we’re providing the right species of tree for our local area at cost price and with expert advice from our Parks team about planting and care.”

Residents who are part of the City’s Adopt-A-Verge program will also be able to redeem their Adopt-A-Verge vouchers at the sale.

“Our Adopt-A-Verge program allows residents to convert their turfed, weedy verges into water wise native gardens, with Vincent’s help. Part of our assistance is a voucher for twenty native tube stock plants to plant on the verge.”

City staff and horticulturalists will be at the sale to provide tips and advice to residents on how to best care for and maintain their new natives once they get them home.

To purchase plants at the Native Plant Sale, residents will need to provide proof of residency.  There is a limit of 20 plants per household and gardeners are advised to bring along a box to carry their purchased plants home.

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