2011 Development Assessment Panels (DAP)

A key component of planning reform in Western Australia, Development Assessment Panels (DAPs) are intended to enhance planning expertise in decision making by improving the balance between technical advice and local knowledge. Fifteen DAPs were established by the Minister for Planning on 1 July 2011. Each DAP consists of five panel members, three being specialist members and two local government Councillors.

There are two different types of DAPs:

Local Development Assessment Panels (LDAPs)

An LDAP only has one local government within its boundary area. An LDAP is established to service a single local government, where it is deemed to be a high-growth local government with enough development to support its own DAP. There is currently only one LDAP, for the City of Perth.

Joint Development Assessment Panels (JDAPs)

JDAPs are established to service two or more local governments. There will be 14 JDAPs in Western Australia. To find out the JDAP groups, refer to the Department of Planning website - http://daps.planning.wa.gov.au/

The City of Vincent forms part of the Metropolitan West JDAP, along with the Town of Cambridge, Town of Claremont, Town of Cottesloe, Town of Mosman Park, City of Nedlands, Shire of Peppermint Grove and City of Subiaco.

DAPs will meet and determine development applications within certain class and value thresholds set in the DAP regulations. There are three types of DAP applications:

  1. Mandatory DAP applications - developments of a value threshold of $10 million or more;  
  2. “Opt-in” DAP applications - These are development applications where the applicant may choose to have the application determined by a DAP, or by the local government or WAPC under the normal process. In order to be considered an 'opt-in' application, the application must fit within the following value thresholds:
     DAP     'Opt-in' value threshold
     City of Perth  between $10 million - $15 million
     Rest of the State between $2 million - below $10 million
  3. Delegated applications - the Council by absolute majority may choose to have applications determined by a DAP, where the development is valued between $2 million and less than $10 million.

For further information relating to DAPs, please refer to the Department of Planning website - http://daps.planning.wa.gov.au/

The table below lists the current and past DAP’s received and considered by the City.


The table below lists the DAP'S received by the City that have been determined

Date Received Serial Number Address Link to Details Outcome
22/11/2011 5.2011.581.1 No.310 Pier Street, Perth, WA, 6000 More Details To be determined by DAP on 24 January 2012. Location at City of Vincent.
17/11/2011 5.2011.573.1 Nos. 297 and 297A Vincent Street, Leederville, WA, 6007 More Details Approved by DAP on 22 February 2012.
26/10/2011 5.2011.545.1 436 Newcastle Street, West Perth, WA, 6005 More Details Withdrawn by applicant on 21 November 2011