Vincent Scooter Safe Lock

Locks purchased with funds made available by the WA Police Strategic Crime Prevention Division.


  • Available to City of Vincent Residents*
  • FREE for victims of scooter theft and scooter owners*
    *Conditions apply


‘Vincent Scooter Safe Lock’ is an initiative of the City of Vincent Safer Vincent Crime Prevention Partnership to assist residents with the security and safety of scooters.  This is one of the many proactive safety and crime prevention initiatives in the Safety and Crime Prevention Plan.

The aim of the locks is to deter theft in places such as car parks and outside shopping centres where incidents have frequently occurred.

Who is Eligible for a Free Vincent Scooter Safe Lock?

  • All applicants must be scooter owners who are residents of the City of Vincent.
  • Previous recipients of Vincent Scooter Safe Locks WILL NOT be eligible

What Level of Assistance is Available?

  • One Vincent Scooter Safe Lock per eligible resident
  • An individual or couple may not receive more than one free Vincent Scooter Safe Lock.

Duration of Offer

This offer will be available whilst stocks last.

Situations Whereby a Free Vincent Scooter Lock Safe Lock cannot be offered

The City of Vincent reserves the right to refuse or withdraw the offer to provide a Vincent Scooter Lock Safe Lock at any stage.  Listed below are scenarios in which a Vincent Scooter Safe Lock cannot be provided:

  • If you are not a resident of the City of Vincent
  • If stocks have run out
    • Where the applicant has unauthorised outstanding rates owing to the City of Vincent for a period in excess of 12 months
    • If a person and/or property have been a previous recipient of the Vincent Scooter Safe lock

On these occasions the individuals will be offered information regarding alternative methods for prevention of scooter theft/vandalism/security.

How will the Vincent Scooter Safe Lock Be Provided?

You will be notified when your submission has been approved, or declined.  Upon receipt of your notification, you will need to attend the Administration and Civic Centre at 244 Vincent Street Leederville, with proof of identity, in order to collect your Vincent Scooter Safe lock.

How can an Application for a Vincent Scooter Safe Lock be Made?

Please download and complete the Information & Application form or by filling in the online form below.

= Required Fields
Have you been a previous recipient of the Vincent Scooter Safe Locks? *
Are you a City of Vincent resident? *
I understand that the City of Vincent accepts NO liability of harm or damage to the recipient/user or property in the use of the Vincent Scooter Safe lock. Responsibility for theft of scooter, damage, repair or harm to person or property in the use or storage of the Vincent Scooter Safe Lock is the responsibility of the user.

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